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kv/cv-Value Calculator

The valves flow coefficient value (kv/cv) for the desired flow rate is calculated. The valve to be selected should provide a kvs/cvs value which is approximately 30% higher than the calculated kv/cv value (=smallest kvs/cvs value). Both values are shown under “Results”. The selected valve should meet the calculated kvs/cvs. Please note that the flow coefficient values stated in our specifications and data sheets always represent the kvs value in [m³/h].


Select Medium Type   

Density      [kg/m³]  

Physical State:

Inlet Temperature  [C]   
Inlet Pressure     [bar]  
Outlet Pressure    [bar]  
Flow Rate          [m³/h] 



kv-Value       [m³/h]     
cv-Value       [gal/min]  

kvs of Valve   [m³/h]     
cvs of Valve   [gal/min]  


All data are subject to change, errors excepted!