Steam plays a central role in a variety of industrial processes: For heating, as a driving medium, in cleaning or in product or air humidification. Berluto pressure reducers of the DRV 730-D, DRV 732-D/738-D series, also available in male thread version-R, or 832-D and 838-D series have been specially developed for use with steam up to 200 °C. The carefully selected materials ensure optimum steam resistance in this range. With upstream pressures up to 16 bar and downstream pressures between 2 and 10 bar, our standard valves are suitable for a wide range of applications and enable flow rates from kvs-value 3.6 m⊃3;/h to 14.4 m⊃3;/h.

Our pressure reducers work with an integrated inlet pressure relief, which ensures a constant outlet pressure even if the inlet pressure fluctuates considerably. All nominal sizes are equipped with a removable cartridge for easy maintenance. We offer our steam pressure regulators as standard with female thread (ISO 228 or optional NPT - ASME B1.20.1), male thread (ISO 7) and DIN flanges (optional ANSI and JIS).


  • Seals

    For optimum sealing even in demanding steam applications, only high-quality elastomers made of EPDM or FEPM are used. For high-temperature steam applications up to 200°C, we only use FEPM seals.

  • Wetted parts

    All metallic internal parts are made of stainless steel and therefore have a high resistance even against aggressive media.

  • Body

    All sizes have housing parts made of high-alloy cast steel 1.4408 with a very good general corrosion resistance. This makes them suitable not only for steam but also for critical media such as aggressive gases and liquids or, for example, demineralised water.

  • Connections

    Our steam valves are available with female/male thread and as flanged versions.

Pressure reducers for steam

  • DRV 730-D

  • DRV 730-D-R

  • DRV 732-D / 738-D

  • DRV 732-D-R / 738-D-R

  • DRV 830-D

  • DRV 832-D / 838-D

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