DRV 7-series: Stainless steel pressure reducers

This pressure reducer series is made entirely of V4A (1.4408) and is equipped with FKM or FDA-compliant EPDM seals in the standard version (other sealing material such as NBR is optionally available).
This makes them particularly suitable for critical media, such as aggressive gases and liquids or, for example, fully demineralised water; the media temperatures can be up to 190 °C.

A series specially developed for steam applications up to 200 °C temperature is sealed with sealing materials made of PTFE/EPDM and FEPM.
In addition, the integrated inlet pressure relief ensures an absolutely constant back pressure even if the inlet pressure fluctuates considerably. All regulator components and the integrated strainer are combined in one cartridge which can be easily cleaned or replaced without disassembling the valve.

  • DRV 702 / 708

  • DRV 703

  • DRV 724 / 725

  • DRV 730-D

  • DRV 732-D / 738-D

  • DRV 750

  • DRV 772 / 778

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