DRV 6-series: Pressure reducers with flanges

The large flanged pressure reducing valves of the 600 series offer very high flow rates and are preferably used for pressure reduction of water and other neutral, non-sticky liquids. They can also be used for high flow rates of compressed air, nitrogen and other neutral, non-flammable gases.
They have inlet pressure compensation (fluctuating inlet pressures have no influence on the outlet pressure), the overall lengths of the housings comply with DIN EN 558-1, the flange connections with DIN EN 1092-3 PN16 or PN25 (depending on the model).

The bodies of these large valves are also made entirely of red-bronze - this makes them so robust, corrosion-free and suitable not only for precious drinking water but for almost all media. There is no need for the elaborate coatings normally found on such pressure regulators made of inferior housing material. And a coating that does not exist cannot be damaged either.

  • DRV 602/608

  • DRV 602-6

  • DRV 624

  • DRV 672 / 678

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