Series RSV: Especially robust reservoir valves

Float valves of the RSV series are always in demand when particularly robust valves for high inlet pressures and/or high flow rates are required. RSV is available in closed (RSV G) and open design (RSV O), whereby supply line pressures up to 12 bar and kvs-values from 0.6 m⊃3;;/h (DN 10) up to 47 m⊃3;;/h (DN 80) are possible. Due to the special lever transmission, RSV valves can manage with comparatively short float rods.

The seal can be inspected in the installed condition and replaced if necessary. The valves are made either completely of brass or stainless steel (RSV VA). RSV VA is equipped with seals made of FPM and allows media temperatures up to 190°C. For all RSV we supply suitable floats, either made of copper or stainless steel (V4A).

  • RSV G

  • RSV O

  • RSV VA

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