DRV 5-series: Pressure reducers with flanges

The flanged pressure reducing valves of the 5 series have inlet pressure compensation and exchangeable valve seats; in the smaller models (up to DN32) the complete regulator part is exchangeable as a cartridge. They are preferably used to reduce the pressure of water and other neutral, non-adhesive liquids. If particularly high flow rates are required, they can also be used for compressed air, nitrogen and other neutral, non-flammable gases.

The flange connections comply with DIN EN 1092 PN25. In contrast to the predecessor model (DRV 411/412/413/414), all overall lengths comply with DIN EN 558-1. Of course, the overall lengths of the predecessor model can still be supplied on request.

  • DRV 502 / 508

  • DRV 502 - 6

  • DRV 524 / 525

  • DRV 550

  • DRV 572 / 578

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